Edisun Song And #SaveYazidis

DI is pleased to inform its members and friend of a new article published recently about the talented Edisun band and their generous support of the Yazidis’ plight. “While the World’s Asleep,” a short poetic ballad from rock band Edisun is being shared by DI to raise world awareness about the ongoing persecution of the Yazidis.

Iraq: DI Alarmed Over Humanitarian Tragedy

DI is alarmed over the humanitarian tragedy in Iraq and urges the international community to intervene with urgency. “Militants seem to be involved in acts that may constitute crimes against humanity and/or crimes against human diversity, and such acts must be investigated immediately” said Dr. Widad Akrawi.

1st UN World Day against Human Trafficking

Today is the first-ever UN World Day against ‪Human Trafficking. A day to show your solidarity. Defend International urges its members, supporters and friends to give hope to victims of human trafficking! We need you to join #igivehope campaign to give voice to the voiceless!

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